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The Firmware Upgrade - V4

Time: 2014-08-27

New Firmware Version: V4
The functions that we upgraded or added include: 
1. Added the feature baud rate self-adaption which means all the Streamax control panel can support by MDVR. 
2. Added two encoding types: CBR&VBR. Normally, VBR encoding is good option for the cameras that is installed inside of vehicle, and CBR encoding is good for outside cameras. The default encoding mode is VBR. 
3. Added an option for transmit mode (Speed / quality priority). Optimized network transmission.
4. Supports 4G network (Only support Longsung U8300 module)
MDVR equipment system GUI will show the network model by the network module that is installed inside of MDVR. After the network model is selected, the MDVR device will access the network 
    1) Added Dialing interface, the path is: System->Network->Mobile NETWORK 4G ->LTE TDD/LTE FDD option
    2) So far the MDVR system just supports U8300 module
5. Added the CEIBA direct connection feature, which means when the MDVR in the same LAN network with CEIBA software, it will connect to CEIBA software automatically. 
6. Add a new function that whether or not to record the window when it has video loss, which means MDVR will record a black window to keep the recording continues.
The path is: SYSTEM->RECORD->OPTION3->ON/OFF to enable or disable this feature.
    1) When the function is on, device will still record when video loss, it will be seen as red in the time line.
    2) It will be black screen when playback the video, and only display the information of time and video loss warning.
    3) MDVR will not record when video loss if the function turns off. 
7. Add a new function that the time to display a channel in full-screen can be setup 
Time range is from 3s to 30s, default is 3s. 
8. Add a new function that upload snapshot automatically when alarm is triggered. 


    1) All the alarm can be setup to trigger snapshot.
    2) The snapshot channel can be setup, default is all disable.
    3) It can only snap one picture for each channel for each alarm.
  B. Storage path: Stored in the Partition2 when there is a HDD or SD card.
    1) It will store in the RAM when there is no HDD or SD card.
    2) Basic function changes
  C. In the menu: setup->network->ftp upload, If a valid ftp server account is configured, the picture will be automatically uploaded to ftp server.
9. Enabled PTZ function for 3 series MDVR, such as X3A, M3A.
   Support standard PELCO-D and PELCO-P protocol 
10. Optimized the CMS reconnection strategy
When connect failed at the first time, it will reconnect again 30s later, and the second time will be 60s, the third time is 90s, 30s is the increment for each interval.
Link Time will increase till 90s, and then it will start from 30 seconds again
This strategy is suitable for both 3G and WIFI network. 
11. Optimized the system startup time (it will check the HDD before turning off normally, and will not mounting HDD again when boot up next time, which will hurry up the system startup)
  X5-II: 60S
  X3A, M3A: 50S 
12. Modify the stuck issue when turned off MDVR through unlock the HDD caddy.
13. Solved the problem that MDVR can’t startup when mounting the HDD
14. Solve the problem that system time will be lost sometimes (need to update the MCU software) 
15. Solved the problem that config file can’t compatible with old version firmware
16. Solved the problem that it will lose the recording when power off in some rare condition.
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