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Streamax Launches law Enforcement System

Time: 2016-09-09

Time is changing, while VHS tape still holds the lead in the video recording arena, the days of time-lapse VCRs are numbered in security applications. Welcome to the Digital Video Recorder revolution.

Video surveillance is really providing the next level of information to first responder by extending their sense of sight to remote locations.

What can we do?

1.Record and store evidence- When accidents happen, our body camera can record everything at once and upload the evidence. Keep the most important recording as evidence.

2. Protect the police – The police must put a lot of faith on their daily work acting appropriately. One never knows what type of crime will step onto the police on any given day. The presence of onboard security cameras can help in deterring and investigating unacceptable behavior and aggressive outbursts directed towards the policeman.
3. Monitor police behavior - Job of the policeman is full of danger and risk, also the central monitor should make sure the behavior of the cops is standard during the working time. Surveillance will not only help to keep the eye on the life of the policeman, but also to ensure that the drivers carry out their duties in a professional manner to improve the law enforcement transparency and  avoid violent law enforcement.

4. Protect car and important subjects inside the car – Because of the special identity of car, and the importance of the security in the case, the  car should equip the surveillance cameras pointed outside which help identify driver erratic or not and dangerous driver behavior; as well, to monitor the behavior of criminal who break in the car.  

Body camera

Zoom camera

 Mobile DVR

MDT (Android)


Click here to view a comprenhesive law enforcement solution:


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